Some DOs and DON'Ts

To Preserve Your Precious Jewellery
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How to keep your jewellery newly?

If your jewellery is dull looking then what’s the charm of wearing it! Shine of the jewellery is the image of your personality, don’t let the luster be lost. Please keep these tips in your mind.

  1. The oil and dirt from your skin can lower the shine, while wearing any diamond or gemstones jewellery, hold the stone gently from the part where least surface area is touched and never grab the gemstones.
  2. Never wear jewellery while bathing, chemical in the soaps can damage the luster.
  3. Don’t use spares, perfumes or cosmetics while wearing the jewellery, always wear the jewellery after you are done with the makeup.
  4. Never wear jewellery while doing household chores. Either remove your jewellery or wear gloves.
  5. Never wear jewelry to the gym as sweat can damage its luster.
  6. Never wear jewellery while swimming as chlorine can damage its luster.

How to store your jewellery?

You must take care of your jewellery even when you are not wearing it.

  1. Before storing it clean your jewellery gently with a soft cloth
  2. Never stack your jewellery, they should not get rubbed with each other as it may lose the luster, always use the jewellery box and keep the jewellery organized and safe.

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As dust particles, oil deposited on your jewellery can lessen the luster.

  1. Always clean your jewellery with a soft cloth when you remove them and store it in the jewellery box.
  2. Always clean your regular wear jewellery once or twice a week.
  3. You can clean your jewellery with mild liquid soap (casually) and a soft brush and then rinse with tap water.
  4. You can also use the commercial jewellery cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners available in market, but strictly follow the instructions written on it.

Sometimes get your jewellery re-plated to regain its shine

The shine of your jewellery gets dull due to daily usage, due to some alloys mixed in it to strengthen it, due to oxidation the alloy can lose its luster, if you see some yellow blotches on your jewellery, it means it’s the time to re-plate your jewellery.